Couple plan dueling getaways, but where?

By Brendan Gupta

For new couples, Valentine’s Day is the time for crush to get their foot in the door.

With the rest of the population looking for a warm body, it’s the perfect time to jump in.

But for longtime couples like James Darby and Kristin Beil, Valentine’s Day calls more more creative romantic fare.

The two sophomore environmental geology majors have been dating for more than a year.

For Darby, Valentine’s Day is a challenge.

Three mornings a week, the two hold hands between note taking in their History of the Earth geology class at Shillman and it’s not uncommon to see Darby returning from a mid-class bathroom break with two cups of coffee in hand. He holds a medium black and another with a little milk and sugar – just the way she likes it.

Beil said she already memorized all his trademark moves, and she’s expecting something exciting, even though, like most girlfriends, she said it’s not important what he does for her.

But he said he knows better than to upset his girl on the one day of the year devoted to lovers’ affection for one another.

This will be the second Valentine’s Day the two have spent together, and Darby is still pondering how he’s going to surpass last year’s hiking trip to the White Mountains in Vermont, complete with a chicken dinner for Darby and silver Tiffany’s necklace for Beil.

And this year’s Valentine’s Day poses a significant problem – they are both broke. Darby and Beil both plan on surprising the other with a visit to a familiar, yet secret location, which should spark some passion. Beil had no clue where her surprise may find her.

“I know it will be perfect,” she said.

Cupid joined these two freshman year on the first floor of Smith Hall, where they found themselves only a few doors apart from one another.

Only weeks after the beginning of their first fall semester, the two became inseparable.

“We were completely comfortable with each other by the end of the first week,” Darby said.

The old adage of “opposites attract” doesn’t adhere to Darby and Beil’s relationship, at least not on the surface. They are both comfort fanatics, as evidenced by their matching Birkenstocks.

But there are differences.

“I’m lazy and she’s not at all. It’s a good thing because I calm her down and she gets me going,” Darby said, with no innuendo intended.

Last weekend, Darby got his Jeep Cherokee back from the mechanic, so now he can at least bring Beil to the secret Valentine’s Day location in style.

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