Department hire to monitor NCAA rules and regulations

Department hire to monitor NCAA rules and regulations

By Guy D. Schoonmaker

Director of Athletics Dave O’Brien announced Feb. 23 the hiring of Amanda braun as Northeastern’s new associate athletics director for compliance and enrollment services. Braun, who previously worked at Wisconsin-Green Bay, has stepped into her new position at Northeastern in the middle of the athletic seasons.

“In addition to her experience, she just has an engaging personality that is going to fit in really well around here,” O’Brien said.

At Wisconsin-Green Bay, she served as assistant athletics director for compliance and student services, a job very similar to her new one. Braun began working at Wisconsin-Green Bay in 1999 as compliance, financial aid ‘ eligibility coordinator as well as senior woman administrator. She was named associate athletics director in 2004.

She replaces Tricia Turley, who left Northeastern to become the University of Massachusetts-Amherst’s new associate athletics director for compliance.

“Tricia was great,” O’Brien said. “But we are really excited about Amanda.”

Braun’s main responsibility will be to make sure Northeastern athletes, coaches and staff comply with NCAA and Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) regulations. Braun is entering her position at a critical juncture, during Northeastern’s first year in the CAA. She also will be working with all student-athletes and recruits regarding their academic records and eligibility.

On top of that, Braun was also appointed the school’s senior woman administrator. Her role in that position will be to supervise women’s athletic events at Northeastern.

With Northeastern and Harvard co-hosting the Women’s Final Four in March, it was a timely way to step into the program Braun said.

“Most of the leg work has really been done for me,” she said. “But I am really excited about that.”

Aside from the Women’s Final Four, Braun has been put to work right away.

“She really hit the ground running,” O’Brien said. “She is everything that we hoped she would be. She’s been willing to do just about anything.”

Braun said it’s been a lot of work to step into a new job midway through the year.

“It’s been pretty hectic,” she said. “I haven’t spent a whole lot of time in my office, but everyone has been very helpful.”

Before her stint in Green Bay, Braun received her master’s in sports administration at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. While attending UNC she was working for the Duke University athletics program under the associate athletics director. Braun attended and played basketball for Sienna College in Albany before going to UNC.

Boston will be a change for Braun, but one she said she thinks will be for the better.

“Green Bay is definitely a sports town, but Boston is just amazing,” Braun said. “There is just so much going on here. I love this city. The more I heard about Northeastern, the more I wanted to come here. The program Dave [O’Brien] is running is so progressive, this place is really heading in the right direction.”

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