Douglass Park fire causes $100k in damage, no injuries

Douglass Park fire causes $100k in damage, no injuries

An electrical fire in an off-campus apartment in Douglass Park Sunday left two Northeastern students displaced but uninjured, according to Boston Police spokesman Officer John Boyle.

The fifth-floor, one-bedroom apartment sustained damage throughout, including several shattered windows, a broken door and significant water damage that may affect the apartment underneath, Boyle said. Repairs are estimated at $100,000.

Neither of the apartment’s two residents – junior economics major Alyona Michel and sophomore music industry major Claire O’Neill – were present at the time of the blaze. Michel said the fire resulted in the loss of a computer, two iPods and several pieces of furniture, among other items.

An electric tea kettle was later determined to have caused the fire, which began at about 12:23 p.m., Boyle said.

Although she was not present when the fire began, Michel said she did not think an appliance was to blame.

“Everything was off when we left the apartment at 2 in the morning,” Michel said. “When we went back, we saw that all of the wires in the wall had melted together, and the fire started in that spot, but it’s unclear whether it was something with the wires in the walls or whether it was an appliance that caused the wires to melt.”

Michel said she is expecting more information from the Boston Fire Department within the next few weeks to determine the fire’s exact origin. This will determine whether the girls are liable for the fire’s costs.

In the meantime, Michel and O’Neill will reside in a previously vacant two-bedroom apartment in Douglass Park provided to them at their previous rent by Douglass Park management. –>

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