February condom sales surge

February condom sales surge

By Elizabeth Mainardi

If you’re looking for a hot stock tip this winter, now is the time to invest.

A survey of area stores by the Northeastern News indicates that as Valentine’s Day approaches, condom sales skyrocket.

“Valentine’s Day is like the Super Bowl of holidays for us,” said Niki Novak, the manager of Sweet and Nasty on Massachusetts Avenue, “We order extra of everything for Valentine’s Day.”

Novak estimates condom sales at her store increase by at least 30 percent.

CVS Assistant Manager Elias Maldonado offers statistics that mirror Novak’s. He approximates a 20-30 percent increase in condom sales during the month of February.

“We try to stay in stock,” he said. “We always do.”

Michael Ghevreluo, owner of Store 24 on Huntington Avenue, also noted increased condom sales before Valentine’s Day. “We’ve been ordering them a lot more than usual,” he said.

Different stores have different top-selling condom choices. While CVS and Store 24 sell more Trojans than any other brand, the more specialized sex shops sell more specific items.

Condom World reported the top brand sold , is Kimono Micro Think Latex

Sweet and Nasty reports that the novelty condoms, like glow-in-the-dark and Enormex (“A super sized condom for a super guy”), are the most popular.

Novak said she also notices an increase in the number of red condoms sold to satisfy the demand for what she called “festive” condoms.

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