Got style?

Got style?

By Ryan Durkin

Their kitchen isn’t filled with $100-a-bottle Cristal and they don’t have a bowling alley in their basement, but Matt Evola and Keith Portugal believe their freshman crib is the hottest around.

“We’ve got mad TV’s, the most couch space and our fridge is always stocked,” said Evola, a political science and history double major.

The two residents of 420 Kennedy Hall may not make it onto “MTV Cribs” with their digs, but they’re exactly what NUTV’s version of the series is looking for.

“NUTV Cribs,” started by Jonathan Cohn, the group’s president, and spearheaded by Filipe Vieira, a sophomore civil and environmental engineering major, is searching for the six most “pimped-out” living spaces on and off campus.

“We’re looking for anything that really stands out and attracts attention,” said Vieira, who mentioned items like posters and flatscreen TVs as aspects of a crib that will make it stand out to judges.

The show is a collaboration between NUTV and the Resident Student Association, Vieiria said.

Caitlin Campana, vice president of programming for RSA was excited about it, and it’s been approved by Smith Anderson, president of RSA (RSA), Vieira said.

Although the dorm rooms in Speare Hall and the two-bedroom off-campus apartments in Douglass Park are being judged in the same category, a more expensive crib does not necessarily give students an edge, Vieira said.

“We will try to make it look amazing no matter what,” he said.

Nicole Stewart, a middler biomedical physics major, agreed that those living in small dorm rooms should be included.

“I think they should be included because of their circumstances

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