Letter to the Editor: NU should put money behind women’s rugby trip

After reading the article about the women’s rugby team (“Club searches for a fit, funding,” Feb. 8), I can think of no word to express what I’m feeling other than shock. Straight to the point: The school should definitely fund at least half of the team’s trip, if not the whole thing.

The athletic department should jump at the chance to actually have a title brought back to our athletically-challenged school. The hockey team gets all the attention, yet the team’s two wins gives them the worst record in Division I hockey. The football team did a tad better at 2-9. Combined, both teams didn’t see five wins. That, sports fans, is awesome!

And, yeah, the basketball team is doing well, but that’s not the point here. The point is this: The team is ranked number one in Division II play. OK, it’s not Division I varsity, but it actually is a good ranking, and the team is representing our school. The team is winning. It’s strange, I know, but get over it and support the team.

I don’t know a thing about rugby, and I’ve never been to a game. If I had more than about $3.46, I would donate to the cause. I sure hope the team gets to go, and I hope they win.

– PJ Miles is a junior architecture major.

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