Oops! The WB discovers Northeastern’s secret:

Oops! The WB discovers Northeastern’s secret:

By Julie Balise

The search for the perfect college is as easy as pressing “play” – or so the WB would like to have high school students think.

Their latest DVD series, “The U,” showcases universities in four different regions of the country while featuring a special edition for Ivy League schools.

The most popular colleges in the Northeast region include Boston University, New York University, Syracuse University and … Northeastern.

Calling its academics “mediocre” and repeatedly pointing out “you don’t have to be Harvard material to get in,” “The U” puts a strong emphasis on Northeastern’s co-op program.

The 10-minute segment is hosted by James Lafferty of the WB’s “One Tree Hill,” and is divided into segments about academics, the setting, the social scene, the food, the residential life and getting accepted.

“It allows you to see the school and the students that attend,” executive producer Doug Imbruce said. “It gives a first person perspective, visuals and raw content. It’s for the students, by the students.”

Viewers are given additional information through interview clips with students, key facts, and campus report cards, which give grades to particular aspects of the university, like the dining hall and on-campus housing.

The campus is defined as a “tranquil village surrounded by urban chaos,” and the DVD illustrates what students could gain from the campus and from Beantown.

“We do have a campus and it’s in a city. It’s like the best of both worlds,” said Sarah Liebowitz, a sophomore journalism major, one of the students in the film.

Imbruce, along with Gregory Smith of “Everwood,” said he worked with the WB in order to appeal to college-bound students.

“The WB is such a benchmark for the teen demographic,” Imbruce said. “We wanted to make sure kids are both excited and informed.”

Inspired by the style of the show “MTV Cribs,” Imbruce said he followed the clich

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