There was something magnetic about my high school’s darkroom. Being somewhat unpopular with the ladies, I would have been lucky to get a kiss anywhere, but making out in the darkroom sounded particularly appealing.

Don’t ask why.

Anyhow, she was all for it. Freshly single after dating a jerk for over two years, she flirted with me over Instant Messenger every night. So, we set the date: tomorrow, dark room, make out fest of the year.

When the time came, we both excused ourselves from class in succession and beelined for the photolab directly across the hall, quietly turning its rotating door. Once in a photo suite, we were both too shy. And it smelled like chemicals.

After talking, we decided going back to class was best. We got back in the rotating door and I began to turn it.

But just as the door revolved toward the classroom, she got confidence and laid a major smooch on me – with the classroom door open … and the teacher watching. Although it felt like a nightmare, it was still a dream come true.

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