My guy friends (one friends in particular) have long extolled the virtues of intimate relations in less-than-intimate locales: an airplane bathroom, an elevator, a kitchen counter or the back of a car in a mall parking lot). Since I have had a similar experience, I can say with some authority it’s not all that spectacular.

My freshman orientation was scheduled the week before the start of classes, so I was allowed to move in during orientation. My roommate, unfortunately, also moved in early, taking away the luxury of an empty room to enjoy with my girlfriend, who was visiting me while she was home from school.

The best option we came across was the “sink room” on our floor. If you have never been to White Hall, a sink room is a small, closet-sized room with a large sink for cleaning dishes and whatever else needs a lot of water quickly.

We pushed in the door, because there is no latch on the sink room doors, turned off the lights and got down to business. Of course, we had to be cautious about our noise level, as well as positioning in the tight space (not to mention the fact that I’m 6-foot 3-inches” and my girlfriend is 6-foot). All in all I felt it was just more effort than it was worth.

Several hours later we emerged exhausted, put our clothes back on and wanted more.

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