Stetson West to become ‘ski lodge’ for Torino viewing

By Megan Jicha

The motto of this year’s Winter Olympics is “Passion lives here,” and Northeastern students have displayed their own passion by tuning in to the games.

On Monday, Stetson West will be decorated to have a “ski lodge” feel, with hot chocolate, s’mores and a chili bar. The nine flatscreen televisions will be tuned to the Olympics so students can gather to watch in a cozy environment.

“Watching or following the Olympics is about showing American and Northeastern Pride,” said Christine Morrill, a freshman pre-med major .

Many Northeastern students said they feel inclined to show their Husky pride by watching Northeastern graduate Chanda Gunn, the American women’s hockey goaltender.

Tim Van Nostrand, a freshman criminal justice major, said, “I normally wouldn’t watch women’s hockey, but this year I might look to see how Chanda does. She’s kind of Northeastern’s claim to fame.”

The winter Olympics also features alpine skiing, the biathlon, bobsledding, cross-country skiing, curling, figure skating, freestyle skiing, the luge, the nordic combined, short track, the skeleton, snowboarding and speed skating. Students all have their favorites for different reasons.

“Ice hockey is the fastest game on Earth,” Van Nostrand said. “You need such skill to be a good hockey player because you need to be strong and quick. It’s exciting to watch because it can get physical … the ways goals occur due to such athleticism of the players is amazing,” he said.

For some, their favorite winter sports are simply those they can relate to.

“I can identify with figure skating more than any of the other events,” said Domenica Cerasaro, a freshman English major. “I’ve danced and cheered for seven years so I understand and appreciate performing for an audience and judges. I know how difficult it is and I know the rush that can come with doing the best you can and nailing your performance. Plus, it is such a graceful sport that is really beautiful to watch.”

Sophomore criminal justice major Richard Nguyen also enjoys watching the sport he knows best.

“I’m a snowboarder, so out of all the Olympic sports it’s what I relate with most,” Nguyen said. “It’s cool to see how some of the pros can push themselves.”

Although these students are excited about the games, freshman undecided major Michaela D’Amico has yet to turn them on.

Freshman journalism major Victoria Green said, “I’ve just been too busy to sit down and watch the Olympics. I have been reading about it though.”

Students still have the chance to tune in to the 2006 Torino Games to show their American and Husky pride until the closing ceremony on Feb. 26.

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