Columbus Ave./Tremont St.

Columbus Ave./Tremont St.

By Marc Larocque

Located on the border between Roxbury and the South End, the once-dangerous Columbus Avenue has become safer in recent years. Due to the addition of four university residence halls and the NUPD headquartres, it’s basically like living in West Village, Hassell said.

The apartments on Columbus Ave. might not be as nice as the ones on Hemenway or St. Stephen Streets, but they are just as close, and just as cheap as the Mission Hill apartments.

This can be an advantage for students who can’t drag themselves out of bed for a walk to campus.

Jeff Musacchio, a sophomore mechanical engineering major, lives in Douglass Park, near the Davenport Commons. Although some of the apartments in Douglass Park are leased by Northeastern, most are privately leased to students.

“You are really close to Mass. Ave and close to everything,” Musacchio said. “It’s a cool location because you can experience a lot of different things because it’s close to Back Bay and the South End.”

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