Mission Hill

Mission Hill

By Marc Larocque

With a large population of college students from many Fenway-area colleges, Mission Hill is largely made of houses where students can live together for relatively low prices they can deal with the mile or so commute.

Prices range from about $600-$800 a bedroom.

Once filled with breweries and farms, it is now filled with freestanding houses, traditional brick rowhouses and three-decker apartments.

Besides Northeastern students, students and staff from the nearby Longwood medical area as well as families come to Mission Hill for the affordable rents.

Earlier this month, The Boston Herald reported that this abundance of newcomers, along with crime watch groups, have turned the neighborhood’s once-dangerous image around.

Katie Hunter-Lowrey, a sophomore international affairs and human services major, said living in Mission Hill has pros and cons, but is ultimately a good bargain.

“It can get kind of awkward because there are a lot of college kids and

families,” she said. “That creates tension, but it’s okay. People living with a family that have to wake up early don’t want to be woken by a party [that goes until] five in the morning.”

She said she feels safe, despite knowing two people who have gotten mugged. people who have had problems.

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