Student named Laugh Master

Student named Laugh Master

By Marc Larocque

After firing off jokes on everything from food to ninjas to video games and Facebook, there was one comedian left standing last night at afterHOURS at the first Laugh Master’s competition at Northeastern.

Now, Northeastern Laugh Master Champ Will Ritter, a senior political science major, is on his way to compete for New England’s Funniest Student.

“I’m sure the other people are just as funny but we’ll see who comes up with the best set,” said Ritter, who will compete in Cape Cod on April 8. “I’m ecstatic.”

Ritter will compete against 11 other students from colleges all over New England. The winner gets the Comic Trophy, $1,000 cash, and will be crowned New England’s funniest student along with a free night’s stay at the Radisson Hotel in Hyannis.

Ten students entered the Northeastern competition and each owned the stage for five-minute intervals in traditional stand-up manner to lure laughter from about 50 audience members.

There were three judges at the event, two from student groups and one professional.

Students were judged on originality of the material, stage presentation and audience reaction, said Matthew Lashansky, a member of NU ‘ Improv’d and a senior international business major.

Judges used a one-to-20 scale so each comedian had the potential for a total of 60 points. If they exceeded the five-minute mark they were penalized. Also, obscenities and vulgarity were cause for penalty when used in improper or witless context.

“If a kid is up there just making penis and vagina jokes, they aren’t going to do good,” Lashansky said.

Any student can participate in comedy events at Northeastern and students at NU ‘ Improv’d see Northeastern as a sort of “hub” for college comedy in Boston, Ritter said.

“Instead of being the co-op school, we want to be the school where the funny people are at,” he said.

Tushar Patel, President of NU ‘ Improv’d and a sophomore chemical engineering major, said people usually downplay themselves.

“It’s a lot easier than people think. If you’re even moderately funny, chances are you will be a lot better than you think you are,” Patel said.

The Laugh Masters competition was brought to Northeastern after the owner of afterHOURS put NU ‘ Improv’d member Matthew Lishansky in contact with performer John Lincoln.

While the competing students were waiting for the judges to calculate the winner, Ira Proctor, a well-known local comedian who has appeared on Comedy Central and Inside Edition, entertained the crowd.

In the end, whether they enjoyed the professional or their peers, students left with their funny bone tickled.

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