Web Update: Springfest time changed

The Springfest concert scheduled for April 8 in Matthews Arena will open the doors at 5 p.m. rather than 7 p.m. Springfest chair Scott Hultman said the change is due to the Matthews Arena closing time. “It was just a change in the itinerary of the concert,” Hultman said. “Originally door time was going to be 7 p.m., but our curfew in Matthews Arena is at 11 p.m., meaning the concert has to be completely over by then.” The concert will begin at 6:30 p.m. featuring (in order of performance) the Violent Femmes, Jurassic 5, MixMaster Mike from the Beastie Boys and headliner Dashboard Confessional. For more information about the Springfest concert or Springfest events visit www.cup.neu.edu or www.springfest.neu.edu.

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