Best on-campus eatery: Chicken Lou’s

Best on-campus eatery: Chicken Lou’s

Move over Wendy’s. Stand back, Mondo Subs. Chicken Lou’s has pummeled the competition once again.

Chicken Lou’s is housed in a trailer-like building on Forsyth Street next to the Cabot Gym and across the street from Dockser Hall. The line for service between classes is often long and cramped, but the food keeps everyone coming back and the business alive.

Whether students choose to eat at the picnic tables besides the eatery or grab a sandwich while hustling to class to gorge themselves in fatty goodness, Chicken Lou’s has not lost its stronghold on Northeastern’s famished stomachs.

The fast food-like restaurant’s self-awareness is notable. Lou’s never pretends to be something it isn’t. This place knows its food is fat-filled, dripping with grease, yet consumed by the masses. Such self-awareness helps keep the down-to-earth vibe going strong.

Lou’s offers a wide variety of sandwiches and beverages, including the Cholesterol, which is rightfully named, given it consists of bacon, egg and cheese on the bread of your choice.

The Breakfast Sampler sandwich offers your standard bacon, ham, sausage, three eggs and cheese. For $5.75, this heart attack on a hamburger roll pleases any hungry Husky.

So go ahead, grab a juice, soda, light or dark roast coffee along with a Cholesterol on a bagel and make that 8 a.m. lab fly by on a full stomach.

– Dinah Alobeid, News Staff

Runners up: Wendy’s 19%, Stetson West 15%, D’Angelos 6%

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