Best on-campus student group: SGA

Best on-campus student group: SGA

The Student Government Association (SGA) caused many changes on campus over the past year and was voted most active student group.

SGA worked with the provost’s office to establish an undergraduate research office, revitalized the teacher and course evaluation process and brought a new health insurance plan to campus.

They sponsored the Second Annual Undergraduate Research Opportunities Extravaganza and had student groups join together through two Synergy events.

They also sought reform in the health center, even before the resignation of University Sexual Assault Coordinator Laura Weiss and helped create a safe space for the Northeastern University Bisexual, Lesbian and Gay Association.

Perhaps most noteworthy, SGA established direct elections, which will allow students to vote for 2007-08’s University student president.

Ashley Adams, president of SGA, said that it was “incredible” to accomplish such long-term goals in one year.

“We’ve done things that have been on the roster and on the docket for about 20 years,” Adams said. “We’ve finally gotten those achieved.”

SGA faced its share of difficulties, such as the forced resignation of its president and executive vice president over the summer and the removal of scholarships for the association’s executive board.

However, Adams said the past year exceeded her expectations, and she hopes SGA continues to realize its abilities.

“I think that this year we’ve been very, very stable and we’ve come a long way,” she said. “And I really just hope that we take this momentum and we keep going and we don’t stop.”

– Julie Balise, News Staff

Runners up: Fraternities/Sororities 28%, LASO 16%, RSA 13%

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