Best upperclassman housing: West Village G, H

Best upperclassman housing: West Village G, H

They’re tall, luxurious, and according to students, they’re the best once again.

West Village G and H are the top choice for upperclassman housing. With their spacious rooms and colored walls it’s not much of a surprise.

Opened in 2004, these buildings, which also feature comfortable classrooms, became an instant hit with students and the Boston community. West Village H, the 21+ residence halls, won the Harleston Parker Award given by Boston Society of Architects for most beautiful piece of architecture in the greater Boston area.

And if the award-winning looks are not enough to please, the single bedrooms and breathtaking views are sure to satisfy even the pickiest student.

There’s also an added bonus for those living in the top rooms of West Village H – they can watch Red Sox games from their living rooms without spending a dime on tickets.

Both of these residence halls/classroom hybrids are situated on the outskirts of the West Village cluster in west campus. Located close to academic buildings and the Green Line, G and H tend to be more popular than the Davenport Commons – the Columbus Avenue equivalents.

– Keith Kessinger, News Correspondent

Runners up: West Village A,B,C 16%, Burstein Hall 10%, Davenport Commons 7%

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