Best venue: Avalon

Best venue: Avalon

The club at 15 Lansdowne St. has been a Boston entertainment landmark since the 1960s.

Now, in its fifth decade, The Avalon Ballroom, boasting its wrap-around bars, large dance floors and prestigious live shows, has been named Northeastern’s Best Live Music Venue for the second year in a row.

Nestled across the street from Fenway Park and around the corner from the famous Jillian’s night club, Avalon has attracted a wide range of artists including the three-brother band Hanson and the Bloodhood Gang.

The club’s dance night attracts the 19-plus crowds with its hip-hop and reggae music and live DJ.

Upcoming concerts at Avalon include ’90s rockers Live, Irish breakout band Snow Patrol and British rap star The Streets.

– Dan Swann, News Correspondent

Runners up: Other 23%, The Middle East 15%, The Roxy 10%

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