Column: Into the Red

Column: Into the Red

As much as we may be lazy and forget Boston goes beyond just where we can reach on either the Orange or Green lines, Cambridge, especially Harvard Square, is one of the best destinations for students accessible by the T.

Whether you have an actual destination to reach by getting off at the Harvard stop, or just want others staying on the T to assume you, too, go to Harvard – I once overheard people saying this was the stop where the smart people get off, which I didn’t mind – it’s a nice change of scenery from Huntington Avenue.

Once you get off at the Harvard T stop, there are many good choices of where to eat.

One of them is John Harvard’s Brew House, which you enter by going down a few stairs. The entire ambience of the restaurant/bar is kind of dark with wood and stained glass windows that create a sort of eerie church effect.

The dim tone of the large room and adjacent bar area set a mood perfect for the nighttime, yet can be a spot to have a delicious dinner with your parents or a more social place to gather with some friends over a few drinks.

Another good choice in the same area is the Border Caf

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