CUP sells out Springfest concert

CUP sells out Springfest concert

For the first time in 10 years, a Northeastern student-run concert was sold out, according to Council for University Programs (CUP) executive board members.

The concert included a lineup of the Violent Femmes, Jurassic 5, Mixmaster Mike and Dashboard Confessional.

“The entire [Springfest] week was great, and I couldn’t think of a better way to finish it off than with a sold-out concert at Matthews,” said Amanda Zoglio, CUP president. “I just remember running around and catching Dashboard’s encore on the stage we built and the whole crowd singing back; it was amazing.”

Andy Sellars, CUP concert chair, attributed the success of the Springfest concert to the diversity of genres, decades and sounds.

“Each band was appreciated by a different group of people,” Sellars said. “There were alumni and other attendees in their 30s and 40s to see the Violent Femmes, and it seemed a majority of the freshmen loved Jurassic 5’s performance. It was just a great, diverse, cross-genre show.”

Sellars said the line to get into the show was the only flaw.

“I know a lot of people were frustrated in line because there was a wait to go through metal detectors and such,” he said. “But no one was negative and, overall, everyone was excited to be going in.”

Zoglio said CUP would look to fix the delay at future events.

“I know some people weren’t happy about standing outside in the cold, but that’s something we are going to take from this year’s concert to make next year’s show even better,” she said.

Members of CUP were pleased with the turnout and success of the concert, as well as the receptiveness of the audience.

“Everything about the show was a success. We were getting praise from all directions: production manager, heads of security and we heard only good things from members of the audience,” Sellars said. “Jurassic 5 was so excited to perform for us. … The performers were great and I was so excited to see everyone so happy.”

Springfest Chair Scott Hultman said the concert was a result of hard work by many people.

“We should feel proud, all of our approximately 50 volunteers need special recognition,” Hultman said. Sellars said the volunteer staff made set changes faster than professionally produced shows.

“Everyone was extremely dedicated, and the crew was complimenting our efforts the entire time during loading, unloading and building the stage. It felt good to be in charge of these amazing volunteers and to see an incredible performance on a stage we built,” Hultman said.

Zoglio added that each of the week’s events went perfectly with the theme and had a celebrity appearance or performance from someone related to MTV.

“It just could not have been better,” she said. –>

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