Senior Spotlights: Derek Anderson

Senior Spotlights: Derek Anderson

Senior thrower Derek Anderson was an influence on Northeastern’s small track program in a large way.

His records include a Northeastern and America East-best 62-feet, one-quarter inch shot put mark and a 185-feet, 7-inch discus toss.

In the 2002-03 season, he became the first Husky to win an IC4A Indoor Championship since 1989 by placing first in the shot put.

He won the Greater Boston and America East shot put titles that season.

That year, he also won the shot put, discus and hammer throw titles at the America East championships. The season before, in 2001-02, Anderson won the shot put title at the New England Championship.

Anderson has also excelled on the national level, placing 13th in shot put at the NCAA championships in 2004.

“I think the biggest key to success is to stay on top of your game and always work hard and never get discouraged,” Anderson said. “Never get frustrated to the point where it affects your play. It’s a long road to success, no matter what level you’re at. The key is to just keep your head up and work hard.”

Competing in a sport that doesn’t receive the attention of other programs has no affect on his performance, said Anderson, who grew up in Wrentham.

He said it is being a part of the community of athletes who have played at Northeastern that he will always keep with him.

“It’s always going to have a special meaning for me,” Anderson said. “I attended Northeastern to be close to my home in Wrentham, and there’s nothing like coming home. Northeastern will always be in my heart and mind and so will the rest of Massachusetts.”

Anderson attributes his work ethic to his success on the field.

“I’m a real believer in hard work and the only real way to achieve anything in any aspect of life is to work hard,” he said. “No. 2 is to be an ultimate leader or teammate and to help others perform at their best.”

Anderson does have some regrets, despite the numerous records he may hold.

“There have been a couple times when it was a Monday morning quarterback-type thing,” Anderson said. “Things where I wish I had rested a little more or could have been more aggressive in a meet. It’s not anything major, just little things here and there.”

Contrary to what Anderson may think of his career, his stat sheet gives him a title coveted by all athletes: Winner.

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