Letter to the Editor: News’ editorial missed mark on ‘Patriot’

On April 19, the staff of The Northeastern Patriot was mildly amused by the featured article of The Northeastern News. The Patriot has come “under fire,” the paper stated, and may “face legal troubles.” Alas, no one within the university ever confronted or threatened our staff with any legal action whatsoever. This is a flagrant misrepresentation of the real story.

The News is creating news rather than reporting it, and is bitterly attempting to discredit a newspaper in its infancy stages. We expected more from the most respected publication on campus. But as the saying goes, “don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.” Dan Rather would be proud of you guys.

For the most part, we at The Patriot are not journalism majors. We only began the paper this year and clearly do not possess The Northeastern News’ long and respected history of reporting. However, we aren’t doing this to gain journalistic experience, to display a mass of article clippings for our resum

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