Letter to the Editor: News’ ‘Patriot’ coverage more fair, balanced

We at The Patriot are a “fair and balanced” organization and would like to commend The Northeastern News for its much more accurate reporting the second time around. As stated before, we feel that, initially, we were drastically misrepresented in the April 19 issue (“Right side of the tracks”), but are satisfied with the subsequent coverage we received on our situation in the May 10 article (“Patriot to become student group”). This time the reporting was objectively presented and based on the facts, not speculation or assumptions.

We are hoping to continue to stimulate debate and bring conservatism out of the shadows, and look forward to standing with other publications like The News, not cutting each other down. We understand there will be inevitable competition between our two publications in certain respects, but we want to keep it civil and healthy – all in the spirit of a vigorous, free exchange of ideas. We aren’t looking to pick fights, but we certainly won’t back down from a heated exchange.

As we get ready for the fall, The Patriot staff looks to make a real difference on this campus. We will offer our unabashed conservative values to the student body in a relevant and entertaining way. We will strengthen and train new conservative leaders to stand up for the values that this nation stands for: life, liberty, and justice.

– Dave Moberg, editor in chief of The Northeastern Patriot, on behalf of The Patriot staff

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