Northeastern Crime Log

By Bessie King

Crime Log entries are selected from Northeastern’s Division of Public Safety reports.

Tuesday, April 18 2:30 p.m. A 22-year-old female student reported her purse stolen by two teenagers from a table at the Starbucks on Huntington Avenue. The purse contained her cell phone and credit cards.

Wednesday, April 19 6 p.m. A 19-year-old female student in Stetson West reported that she was assaulted by her 18-year-old roommate during an argument in their room. The aggressor was reported to the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (OSCCR). No criminal charges were filed.

Thursday, April 20 1:30 p.m. Northeastern Bookstore staff grew suspicious of a group of students who were repeatedly selling back books that appeared to be fairly new. When asked by the staff if they had taken the classes that required the books, the students claimed they were selling the books for a friend. The staff retained the books and asked for the friend to come to the bookstore to sell the books back themselves. Upon their return, it was discovered that a group of international students, several female and a couple of males, were stealing books and reselling them at the bookstore. The students have been reported to OSCCR, but no criminal charges were filed because it is believed many of the students have returned to their countries in Eastern Europe.

4:30 p.m. The father of a high school student touring campus reported a bag of purchases from the bookstore missing after he left it unattended at a table in the Curry Student Center food court for about half an hour.

10:30 p.m. Two female roommates in West Village H became involved in an argument that led to one roommate striking the other. Both roommates have been reported to OSCCR. The victim subsequently filed, and was granted, an emergency restraining order, and the aggressor was relocated to another residence hall. She has since left university housing and faces disciplinary action.

Friday, April 21 11 a.m. Residence staff in West Village H reported vandalism in one of the building’s elevators.

8 p.m. An 18-year-old female student living in White Hall reported her camera missing from her room.

11 p.m. Officers received a call from staff at Willis Hall about a loud party. Three underage male students were discovered hosting the party. A Suffolk student over 21 provided the alcohol and other underage students were in the apartment. The three students were reported to OSCCR. The Suffolk student was given a warning and told not to be on Northeastern property again.

11 p.m. Officers investigating a party in Willis Hall discovered another party down the hall hosted by four underage male students. The students were reported to OSCCR.

Saturday, April 22 2:30 a.m. Officers responded to a neighbor’s complaint about a large party at a private apartment on St. Stephen Street. Officers asked for the guests to leave. As they were doing so, gun shots were heard. As the people from the party began to scatter, officers searched for who had fired the shots. No one was injured, but a car was struck twice. Officers suspect that the guests of the party are responsible for the gunshots, but no one has come forward and no one has been identified.

5:30 p.m. A 20-year-old male student reported that his $700 bicycle, which was locked to a rack outside Snell Library, had been stolen.

Sunday, April 23 9 p.m. Officers arrested 19-year-old Lorenzo Jones for trespassing in the lobby of Ryder Hall. The building was locked and the police do not know how Jones gained access to the building. He was previously warned not to be on Northeastern property for similar occurrences in the past.

Monday, April 24 3 p.m. An 18-year-old male student reported his backpack missing after he left it unattended in the Curry Student Center food court from noon to 1 p.m. It contained his iPod and PDA.

4 p.m. An 18-year-old male student reported being assaulted by a Boston College student who was the ex-boyfriend of a White Hall resident and friend. Previous occurrences with the couple had been reported weeks earlier. The While Hall student took out a restraining order against her Boston College ex-boyfriend. Officers told the student not to return to Northeastern property.

10 p.m. A 26-year-old female evening school student reported one of her car windows broken and her iPod and XM Radio stolen.

Tuesday, April 25 1 a.m. A staff member in Columbus Lot reported the window of one of the parked vehicles broken. The owner of the car was contacted and a backpack was reported missing.

12 p.m. An 18-year-old male student reported his PlayStation missing from his dorm room in Stetson West.

9 p.m. A 21-year-old male student reported his bicycle missing from Krentzman Quad after leaving it locked in a bike rack earlier that day.

Wednesday, April 26 12 p.m. Officers arrested 18-year-old Jonathan Lopes of Dorchester after Lopes was caught breaking into a car in Renaissance Garage. The owner of the car was not a Northeastern student.

Friday, April 28 7 p.m. A male student reported his bicycle stolen from behind the YMCA, where it had been secured with a thin cable lock.

Saturday, April 29 10 p.m. A 20-year-old female student was seen staggering near Cabot Gym. The student was seen arguing with her boyfriend, and appeared to run away from friends and fall. She was transported by ambulance to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Tuesday, May 2 6 p.m. A 21-year-old male student reported his stereo system and about 35 DVDs missing from his apartment in West Village B after he returned from a trip.

Thursday, May 4 2 a.m. Boston Police Department (BPD) officers and Northeastern Police Department (NUPD) officers responded to an argument between two students, a male and a female, on Gainsborough Street. The male struck the female, and he was subsequently arrested by BPD. The female claimed the male was her boyfriend and that he was intoxicated. She asked that no charges be filed. In the process, the female assaulted a BPD officer and was also arrested.

Saturday, May 6 1:30 a.m. A Northeastern Police officer approached a car on Camden Street that was parked with the engine running. Three passengers were seated inside. When the officer came close to the vehicle the driver sped off, knocking the officer from his bike. The driver was later stopped by police and identified as John Servo, a 26-year-old Berklee student. He and his companions were suspected of smoking marijuana in the car.

Sunday, May 7 Midnight A 21-year-old female student reported her Westland Avenue apartment burglarized. The student had returned after one week of being away and discovered two computers, a digital camera, a camcorder and a bicycle were missing.

4 p.m. A 20-year-old male moving into 780 Columbus Ave. discovered drugs and drug paraphernalia in the desk of his room. The student contacted NUPD who traced the room to its previous resident, presuming the items belonged to him. The 20-year-old male student who lived in the apartment was questioned but denied charges. He will be reported to OSCCR.

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