Plans for Study Abroad program must become realities

Moving the Study Abroad program from the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) to the provost’s office sounds like a good idea, and by all rights it should be. But you never know with Northeastern.

The move will open up opportunities abroad to students from all six colleges, instead of limiting most of them to students in the CAS. And if things go according to plan, the provost’s office will be able to devote more resources to the program and help it grow. If that happens, you’ll hear no complaints from us.

But changes at Northeastern sometimes go awry, as the troubled merger of Lane Health Center and the Center for Counseling and Student Development has shown us. The move was supposed to be pro-student, bringing mental and physical care under one roof and one management system. Instead, students got a flurry of resignations and are left with a bare-bones staff and decreased quality of care.

Meanwhile, the Honors Program has made strides since breaking out of the CAS in 1987 but still leaves much to be desired. For the upcoming fall semester, a robust 31 classes are offered in the CAS. The College of Business Administration comes in second with six. For the Colleges of Engineering and Criminal Justice, there are two honors courses each offered in the fall, and for Bouv

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