Letter to the Editor: Student center changes a win for students

I am writing to address recent concerns about the decision to relocate the Student Employment Office into the Curry Student Center.

I feel certain information needs to be publicized and clarified to accurately portray the thorough decision-making processes exercised by the Student Center Governing Board.

This past academic year has been filled with many challenges for which this committee has courageously sought solutions. Student satisfaction levels regarding the vendors on the ground floor were sliding, sales were dipping, and consumer foot traffic had begun to wane.

This board, composed of 13 voting student members from all areas of the university and 11 voting members of Northeastern faculty, staff and administration, is chaired every year by the vice president for student services of the Student Government Association. When I was elected to this position in 2005, I made certain the difficult projects were placed at the forefront of our agenda.

The members of this board have worked diligently, often meeting every week, to provide the best services possible to the Northeastern community. Due to their efforts, fried chicken and curry will soon be replaced by Taco Bell burritos, freshly made

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