My friends and I were hanging out one hot night last summer, enjoying some cocktails. There were about 10 people at the gathering, including a boy I’d been eyeing for a month. Although we had a mild flirtation going for weeks, I wanted more. So, after a couple of shots, I walked up to him and we started chatting. One thing led to another and before we knew it, we were heading upstairs, looking to get some privacy.

After stumbling through a hallway, we found a vacant guest bedroom and began making out – ferociously. We didn’t realize the light from the TV made us visible to the outside world. Clothes were removed and pretty soon we were both topless. After an hour or so of passionate kissing and heavy petting, we decided to rejoin our friends.

As we made our way downstairs, we heard giggles erupt from the group. I was pulled aside by one of my female friends who told me they had seen everything.

Under normal circumstances, the situation would have been forgotten in about two weeks.

This mildly embarrassing event became permanently mortifying when I found out the host’s 12-year-old brother and his 13-year-old friend witnessed the debauchery.

Moreover, they told me that my breasts were the first pair they had seen in real life.

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