Body found near campus, MBTA station

Body found near campus, MBTA station

A body was found near a dumpster on Northampton Street at 9:44 p.m. Monday night, near the Massachusetts Avenue MBTA station.

Police and investigators gathered around with flashlights amidst a crowd of anxious neighbors.

“I’m shocked that something would happen here,” said Jose Torres, 24, who lives nearby and plans to start school at Bunker Hill Community College in the fall. He gestured down Northampton toward Dorchester, saying, “Killings usually happen down there, but it’s slowly creeping into the South End.”

The body was not found on Northeastern property, but was along the route many students take to reach the MBTA station.

“That’s pretty unsettling,” said Justin Nguyen, a middler computer engineering major who lives in Douglass Park. He said he frequently walks down that street, sometimes at night. Although he said he said he is not surprised by crime in the area, it seems to be getting worse.

“It’s starting to get pretty extreme,” he said.

The incident is still under investigation and the Medical Examiner’s Office has not yet determined the cause of death. The only information released about the body is that it was a male. The parking lot and dumpsters in the area are used by residents of 599 Columbus Ave.

Andrea, a resident there who declined to give her last name, said she had taken out the trash just that morning. She said with all of the fireworks going off lately, it was difficult to know if the man had been shot or died some other way.

“There are a lot of homeless addicts in this area,” she said. “What a way to go.”

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