Commentary: Northeastern should provide housing for grad students

Northeastern University is advancing in higher education and research. The number of graduate and Ph.D. students is likely to rise. Normally graduate and Ph.D. students are married and would like to remain with their families while carrying on with their higher education. Most universities in Europe and other parts of the world provide Ph.D. students with family apartments. This creates a family environment for the students to work. Such apartments located on campus would be a great facility, as students can be in easy reach of labs and the library all the time. It would be a great asset, especially for international students. However, I do not see such a provision at Northeastern.

I see a lot of good news about housing at Northeastern, and this is the right time to incorporate this need into the housing plan.

– Tej Kumar Karki is a Ph.D. student studying law, policy and society.

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