Former NU pres. completes book of short stories

Former NU pres. completes book of short stories

If you’re looking for a good read this summer, a former Northeastern president may have exactly what you need.

John A. Curry, called Jack by friends, has written his seventh book, “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.”

This is the third collection of short stories from the president emeritus, and it has a little something for everyone. Featuring stories in genres ranging from western to mystery, it even has an essay on the human condition titled “The Decade Belongs to Lynn English.”

Curry said he sometimes drew from real-life experiences, but for the most part this book was his “imagination running wild.”

“The title helps a lot in understanding this book,” Curry said. “I borrowed an idea from the ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents’ television show, I tried writing a bank robbery story, which is something new for me, and my something blue was sort of remorse about the past about a teacher who keeps relationships with his students.”

One story, “A Lapse of Memory,” is about an aging hit man who gets Alzheimer’s and begins forgetting who to kill. Hilarity ensues, and if you enjoy reading this selection, make sure to keep an eye out for a novella expanding on this story that Curry is working on for the fall.

“I am very fond of this story, and that is why I decided to pursue it deeper,” Curry said.

Another one of Curry’s stories, “Lifetime Appointment,” takes place at Northeastern. It sends the reader into a world of enthusiastic students, petitioning to secure tenure for a beloved teacher.

“Some of my stories are based on experience, and others are just figments of my imagination, but I have obviously have a history at Northeastern,” Curry said.

Another piece in the collection is called “Encounters with Famous People,” which is an account of Curry’s meetings at Northeastern with people such as Barbara Bush in 1992 and Bill Clinton and Muhammad Ali in 1993.

Curry said he writes short stories for a simple reason.

“Short stories are great; they are so short and easy to read and I can write about things I like. I’m a movie fan and buff and wrote a piece about movie stars of my youth such as Clark Gable and Rita Hayworth,” Curry said. “Plus it is fun to do something during my retirement. I always wanted to try writing, but as the [Northeastern] president I had no time.”

Curry’s latest collection, which includes 11 short stories and three essays, along with his other works are available in the Northeastern Bookstore and Barnes and Noble Bookstores.

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