Hot days, hot dates

Hot days, hot dates

By Megan Jicha

Make your love life sizzle this summer with unforgettable date ideas. Sail away for a local romantic getaway or view an old-time movie with class, panache and inspired cuisine. Whatever you do, liven things up with all Boston has to offer.

Heat. Sweat. Bathing suits. With summer sunshine comes the burning desire for romance and the perfect date spot. Boston has everything you need to treat your loved one to a sizzling summer date, or make a great impression on a first encounter.

Tour the city in ways you never have before, with the majestic view from the harbor on a Boston Sailing Center charter.

Whether you sail the harbor for a couple hours or the whole day, the private, sailboat cruise will show a side of Boston many never see. The charters will set you back $120 to $190 per hour depending on the sailboat.

The Boston Sailing Center also offers sailing classes, allowing couples to learn new skills and about each other at the same time. A romantic Night Sailing class will run up a bill of $275 and includes a classroom session followed by an evening sail. The hands-on experience will invigorate you and your sweetie and is definitely a step up from dinner at Uno’s every Friday. The Elementary Navigation class is six hours long and includes on-the-water instruction teaching the techniques needed to navigate around the Boston Harbor Islands. For more information check out the center’s Web site at

For anyone who wants a true twist on dinner and a movie, head to the Boston Harbor Hotel for the Fifth Annual Movies by Moonlight series on the waterfront. Every Friday night until Sept. 1, beginning at dusk, a different classic movie will turn the harborside terrace into an outdoor cinema complete with a cool breeze and breathtaking views.

Although the movie is free, dinner is not. The Intrigue Caf

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