Letter to the Editor: Student misquoted about high schoolers in student center

I am writing in response to a fairly old article (“High school bans students from CSC,” Sept. 14) that really bothered me at the time but I forgot about until I found it online and realized anyone, anywhere can see this whenever they want.

A reporter came up to me at the student center and started asking me questions about high school students being allowed in the Student Center. I later read his article and was extremely appalled and saddened by the degree to which I was misquoted. In his article, everything I said was taken out of context. I was quoted as saying, “the students are ‘the only reason’ she no longer studies in the student center.” I never said that. I told him that I never studied in the student center because it is loud. I have never in four years studied in the student center. And I never even hinted to him that it was because the high school students are loud. Everybody is loud. I was also quoted as saying, “Some things should be open to the public, but we spend thousands of dollars to go here, so we should still have a safe place to go.” What I really said was that some things should be open to the public and although we do spend thousands of dollars to go here, THEY should still have a safe place to go. It’s not the college students I worry about.

After the things that I supposedly said, the reporter wrote “For others, though, the students haven’t posed a problem.” Although it is possible he misunderstood me, the things he wrote lead me to believe he twisted my words on purpose to show a different point of view he could not legitimately find on his own.

I have not picked up a Northeastern News since that issue because I now have little faith in what is written in the newspaper.

– Gayle McKinney is a senior elementary education major.

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