Men’s Basketball: Barea passed over for NBA Draft

Men’s Basketball: Barea passed over for NBA Draft

Fiery, quick and competitive were all words used to describe former Northeastern guard Jose Juan Barea on his way to the NBA draft, held June 28.

Now, disappointed may be added to that list.

The reigning Colonial Athletic Association Player of the Year went un-drafted in the two rounds of the NBA draft, continuing a draft drought on Huntington Avenue. The last Husky chosen was Reggie Lewis in 1987.

Barea created a lot of hype for himself prior to the draft, most notably at the Portsmouth Draft Camp, where he was named camp MVP and set the camp record with 41 assists over three games.

But for now Husky fans will have to remember Northeastern’s second all-time leading scorer dominating Huntington Avenue, rather than watching him drive the lane in the NBA.

Barea had been listed as a draft dark-horse, with the possibility of sneaking into the first round. Earlier his agent, Richard Katz, said Barea had become a solid second-round pick after his strong performances.

Barea’s small size (5’11) and poor shooting (.404 at Northeastern) are likely reasons for his fall in the draft. However, Barea was able to impress at the workouts for several NBA teams leading up to the draft. Barea worked out for the Minnesota Timberwolves, Los Angeles Lakers, Toronto Raptors, Sacramento Kings, Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics.

Professional basketball opportunities still exist for Barea, despite not being one of the 60 chosen in the two rounds of the NBA draft. Starting Friday, he will spend a week playing for the Golden State Warriors in the Toshiba Vegas Summer League. He can still sign as a free agent in the NBA or play in a foreign league.

It looks like the former may be a possibility for Barea. After his workout with the Celtics, organization personnel were warm to his talents but wary of spending a draft pick on the former Husky, said Leo Papile, director of player personnel for the Boston Celtics.

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