This summer in Boston has been a hot one, and fighting the humidity and sweat is no easy task. But the right combination of cooling water and frisky fun can really make things steamy.

This past weekend my boyfriend and I were in search of a pool, a beach, a Slip n’ Slide – anything to get some relief from the Sahara-like weather. The answer we found was a lake in a suburb of Boston.

Completely afraid of touching the bottom of a natural body of water, I clung to my boyfriend as we splashed and swam. But after being carried koala-style for 10 minutes, we just couldn’t help ourselves.

As we started enjoying the motion of the ocean, we began laughing. There were about six or seven children playing at the complete other end of the swimming area, as well as their parents.

While we were as inconspicuous as possible, bopping up and down with the “waves,” there was a huge illicit factor that made it all the more fun!

The water was cool and everyone present was having a great time. Another older couple were in the same compromising position, joking around and clinging to each other’s necks. But who knows if they had actually gone as far as we did, to publicly have sex in front of children, even though they would never know it.

We did get plenty of dirty looks from parents, and one mother with a number of children surveyed the area, spotted us, and promptly departed.

That little dip in the lake was the definition of Wet n’ Wild.

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