Summer on campus brings good news, reasons to smile

The oppressive heat descending on Boston this week would be enough to make anyone cranky, especially Northeastern students, who are huddled in classrooms and cubicles instead of at the beach. Summer is a tough time to be a Husky, when the carefree days of sunshine are instead the careworn days of classes and co-op. But the university is doing what it can to give students a good summer in the city, and right now Northeastern students have plenty to smile about.

Students report they are enjoying the pace of their summer classes, even if it does mean staying out of the sun. Although course selection is still lacking, administrators have heard the message, and they are listening and working to fix the problem.

The International Co-op program, which was in shambles just six months ago, is picking itself up with a new director and renewed energy. Meetings are being held and the program is slowly restoring student faith, forging employer relations and keeping the university true to its oft-repeated mantra of richer experience.

On the housing front, Northeastern is pursuing a building plan that appears to be less controversial than past attempts, and better for students and community alike. The proposed buildings, one near Ruggles Street and one where Cullinane Hall now stands, would be right on campus, where the neighbors want us, and where we want to be in the first place. (Trying to place Cullinane Hall? That’s why it’s a perfect candidate for demolition.)

Still cranky? Northeastern’s third annual Summester program is selling out, taking students deep sea fishing, to shows like Blue Man Group, to destinations like Six Flags and more. Sure it’s hot outside, but there are things to do, and the A/C is cranking in classrooms and residence halls. There’s even a hot dog vendor in the Curry Student Center to keep students going while construction is completed. And nothing says summer like a hot dog.

So yeah, it’s sticky out there, and we’d rather be swimming or sunbathing. But things could be a lot worse, guys. Stay cool, stay safe, and enjoy the summer.

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