Familiar face joins SGA e-board

Familiar face joins SGA e-board

The Student Government Association (SGA) added a familiar face to its executive board last night.

Adriana Campos, a fourth-year senator who served as vice president for administration and public relations last year, was elected in an uncontested election for executive vice president for student affairs at an emergency Joint Senate meeting last night.

By taking the reins of the student government’s second-highest position, Campos is filling a void left by the recent resignation of George Gottschalk IV.

“As you know, elections are a tension-filled and challenging time in student government, but an election in the wake of a resignation can be disheartening,” Campos said at the meeting.

“I stand here tonight to make sure that whatever discouragement, regret or disappointment this organization has felt in the past week can be diffused and transformed into excitement, optimism and confidence in the student government’s undeniable ability to not only heal but grow,” she said.

Her new role places her on an e-board with one other standout from the previous SGA administration: President Rogan O’Handley, whom she said encouraged her to run for the opening early last week.

In an interview with The News, Campos said she was comfortable working with O’Handley and her presence would provide “a good counterbalance.”

“A very strong incentive in running for me was that I knew I could work well with this executive board,” Campos said.

In accepting the prospect of a new responsibility, Campos resigned from her position as the Council for University Programs (CUP) vice president for collaboration, a relatively new position created two years ago and aimed at uniting student groups in need of financial allocations, which she assumed in the spring.

“It seemed that SGA needed me at this position in a hard time more than CUP needed me in that position at that specific time,” she said at the meeting.

Campos said she plans to work closely with other student groups through smaller, more personalized events than those of the past, and encouraging other student leaders to take similar action.

“I think one of the most important things about that position is outreach to other student groups, and she has a very inviting personality,” O’Handley said.

“She spoke a lot about diversity, and I feel like that’s important on this campus, especially with the position she’s going to be holding,” he said.

Campos admitted she was surprised by the vacancy left last week, but relieved that Gottschalk said he was stepping down by his own accord.

“It seems like every summer there’s some mishap that happens in student government,” she said. And I’m really glad this year it wasn’t for a bad reason.”

Nevertheless, the new vice president said she is anxious for the year ahead.

“I have faith in us no matter what, and no matter what, it could have been a good year and it will be a good year,” she said.

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