Letter to the Editor: Student angered, not surprised, by Crime Log entry

When I open my copy of the Northeastern News I do what most students do and skip right to the Crime Log. Seriously, who doesn’t want to hear about the stupid things drunk people do and the various ways in which people try to steal things from Wollaston’s? Apparently, The Northeastern News also loves to use the Crime Log to pick on Boston/Northeastern’s transgendered population. As the director of education, advocacy, and activism for the Northeastern University Bisexual, Lesbian and Gay Association, I’ve gotten frustrated with the way this paper represents transgendered people.

In Massachusetts, once a person is living as, or has taken steps to change their gender, they are considered by the state to be the gender they wish to identify with. I am baffled as to why Ms. Wilkinson is referred to as both he and she in the write-up and why the details of her gender history are necessary to reveal to the the readers of the Northeastern News. Also, the last time I checked, a sex reassignment surgery would qualify as a significant step.

All in all, reading last week’s Crime Log has left me frustrated, a little bit angry, and glad that I’m in a position to educate people, but sadly, not surprised.

– Amy Lippincott is a middler criminal justice major and the director of education, advocacy and activism for the Northeastern University Bisexual, Lesbian and Gay Association.

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