Blast from the past

By Julia Gall

This fall, fashion is taking on a whole new perspective. By combining the rocker style of the ’80s with a modern feel, both men and women can feel comfortable channeling their inner Bon Jovi. The most popular fashion trend this season is the reemergence of the “skinny jean.” Made popular by ’80s rock stars, it’s back with a vengeance along with leggings and oversized sweaters, staples that defined an era more than 20 years ago and have been reinvented for 2006. For men to compliment the skinny jean, a band tee under a blazer is becoming increasingly popular. Mark Cash, a middler electrical engineering major, said he’s interested in the trend, but doesn’t think he could pull it off. “I think the rocker trend looks really cool and I like it, but it’s not really my style. I don’t know if I could wear it,” he said. For women, the “big on top, skinny on the bottom” style is one of the most prominent of the moment. Layering, a common theme for fall in recent years, is still popular, but with more of a focus on the bottom half. Long, oversized sweaters, or even sweater dresses themselves, are being thrown over leggings and tights. “I really like leggings,” said Corrie Lombari, a middler marketing major. “I wear them with big sweaters, big zipper sweatshirts, and cute dresses.” And while this layering may keep fashionistas warm, others will contend that it looks a little goofy. “Leggings with skirts, I just hate it,” said Mira Shah, a sophomore business administration major. “Skinny leggings and jeans

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