Commentary: Advocacy still the hallmark of organization

Each week, 75 intelligent and hardworking students sit in Senate Chambers. We give up our Thursday afternoons to debate the hottest issues on campus and fight for the rights of every student. Many of us lose sleep, go to class late and have late-night marathon meetings to reach our goals. In every situation, we work toward a better Northeastern. We all feel the effects of mistakes that a very small number of people have made over the years, but never stop doing what we do best: advocating for students. As an organization we travel together and support each other, and we take responsibility for the mistakes of others, because we are a team.

After reading through last week’s issue of The News, we must remind the Northeastern community that we achieve our mission of advocacy in action. Whether it be allocating the funding for large student group events; expanding dining options in the student center; promoting undergraduate research; overhauling the student health insurance plan; replacing the chairs in Kariotis Hall; organizing phone rushes to the U.S. Congress to advocate for federal financial aid; taking the pulse of the student body at major events like Campus Invasion, New Student Orientation and move-in weekend; or holding countless meetings with university administrators, SGA has the sometimes thankless job of representing the student voice in the administration. Regardless of setbacks, we persevere.

We will continue to show up every Thursday afternoon or rush home from co-op to be on time for a committee meeting in order to carry on the fight for the student body.

– Grant Oberg is a junior supply chain management major. Molly Simpson is a senior marketing and general management major. Both are SGA senators.

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