Commentary: Ringing of the bell a bitter sound for one student

Monday, Aug. 28th, 2006, was shaping up to be the best day of my life. My roommates and I had been anxiously awaiting the introduction of Taco Bell to our beloved Curry Student Center, giving us an obviously superior alternative to Curry’s somewhat bland lineup. In my eyes, the two closest competitors prior to the introduction of the authentic south of the border cuisine are the triple deckers from Wendy’s and the surpassingly delicious sushi found at Crossroads Market.

At the time, I was not only honored, but ecstatic, to be the fifth customer ever at the new Taco Bell. As I drew closer to the counter to place my order, two shocking truths became all too clear. First, I hadn’t actually been waiting in line for the Taco Bell I have grown to love, but rather a Taco Bell express – which, as we all know, means Taco Bell lame in Mexican. Now this first truth wouldn’t have been a big deal until my eyes began frantically searching for the only item I buy at Taco Bell, the all-powerful chalupa. After realizing it was not on the menu my appetite immediately was replaced with rage as I ordered a gordita meal. Taco Bell is not Taco Bell without chalupas on the menu, it’s Taco Bell suck.

When the rumors started of Taco Bell having a home on our campus, I assumed that the Student Government Association had heard our cry for more variety in the Curry Student Center. But, the beautiful ring of the bell has been replaced with the siren’s song drawing all who answer to disappointment.

– Jay Cogen is a junior finance and insurance major.

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