Dems can take corner office

Last night, Deval Patrick won the Democratic primary and will now run against Republican candidate Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey in the general election. This is an important election for all, especially for Democrats, as it seems to be the best chance for a Democrat to win back the corner office in the State House for the first time in 16 years. Patrick is a candidate who inspires young people and sees issues as we see the world – looking toward the future.

Taking a look at college students provides an interesting angle into this race. Most students here at Northeastern, even if they are from Massachusetts, will end up leaving this state after college. The costs of living here are extremely high; there is an absence of jobs, and the tax system just doesn’t work for most people. It is the job of the next governor to change this trend and to have most college students living here. Patrick is the sort of candidate who understands these issues and will make sure that we spend our future in Massachusetts.

Deval is a candidate who understands the importance of innovation in Massachusetts. Our state is currently a leader in the life sciences but, if our leaders’ focus goes awry, that could all change. The next governor must make stem cell research a priority so Massachusetts will remain a leader in curing the health challenges of the future.

Another of Patrick’s priorities will be providing clean and renewable sources of energy. Innovation in these areas will be a driving force in our economy.

Most importantly, Patrick understands the importance of having a vision for leadership. He understands the power of good ideas that lead to change. Patrick understands the importance of listening to views from the other side and maintaining a balanced perspective. He will listen to every democratic voice in this state to earn every vote and to make the commonwealth a destination not only in our future but for others as well.

Patrick has a tremendous opportunity to seize this important moment in Massachusetts. If this candidate unites us as a party and people in Massachusetts as a state, Democrats will not only win back the corner office but take this state into the right direction for the future.

– Josh Robin is a sophomore political science major and president of the Northeastern College Democrats.

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