Gnomon Copy settled lawsuit in July for $40k

In July, Gnomon Copy settled the lawsuit that nine publishing giants brought against it last November, paying the companies $40,000 altogether for failing to obtain necessary copyrights before selling coursepacks to Northeastern students.

Julie Knapp, president and owner of Gnomon Copy, said the business is now complying with copyright law.

“We’re completely clearing [coursepacks] before we sell them,” Knapp said.

Gnomon Copy works with the Copyright Clearance Center, based in Danvers, she said.

“We went into immediate compliance after we understood the law,” Knapp said.

Knapp said the process of obtaining permission to sell a coursepack takes four to five days on average.

“This was one of a number of [copyright infringement] suits,” said Bill Strong, a lawyer from the firm Kotin, Crabtree and Strong, which represented the publishing companies. “This is a nationwide effort to enforce compliance with copyright. I’ve almost lost count.”

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