GOP candidate focuses on values

In the upcoming gubernatorial election, the people of Massachusetts have an important choice to make. They can choose the “tax-and-spend” Democratic candidate, or they can go with current Republican Lt. Governor Kerry Healey and former state police superintendent Reed Hillman.

Massachusetts is one step away from one-party, supermajority rule. This state is on the verge of complete rubber stamp domination. If a Democrat moves into the State House, we can expect a drastic increase in government spending, an indefinite delay on the income tax relief and an even faster erosion of the traditional American values that have been slowly ushered out of this liberal state.

Kerry Healey offers a different vision. She will bring a fresh face to the State House and aggressively put forth an economically responsible agenda. Healey will push for the immediate income tax relief – which has been stalled for over five years in the Democratic-dominated state government. Healey will curb government spending and waste, and provide an environment that encourages industry to stay here in Massachusetts, instead of running across the border to New Hampshire, where the taxes are lower and the grass is greener.

The Republican candidate for Lt. Governor, Reed Hillman, will ensure that a no-nonsense, tough-on-crime attitude is here to stay. Hillman’s valuable experience serving more than 25 years in the Massachusetts State Police department make him a great asset to Beacon Hill. His firm yet proactive approach to crime prevention is greatly needed in a state like Massachusetts.

Kerry Healey and Reed Hillman will continue to bring balance to an otherwise extremely skewed government. Democrats here have had to come to the bargaining table for the past 16 years because a Republican occupied that State House corner office. Let’s not throw the political balance out the window. Let’s elect Kerry Healey to be the next governor of Massachusetts.

– Dave Moberg is a middler political science major and president of Northeastern College Republicans.

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