Greek Life buzzing as recruitment picks up

By Marc Larocque

Fraternity and sorority life is a dream for some incoming college students.

“I wanted to be in a sorority since I’ve been in high school. I heard about the Greek life here though my friend, who is also pledging,” said Heather Hoefer, a freshman engineering major.

Greek life is buzzing at Northeastern this week, as sororities are holding recruitment events throughout the week at the Curry Student Center and throughout the city to spread awareness of every chapter to potential members, while fraternities hold their events off campus.

Although there isn’t much space in the city for a fraternity or sorority house, Assistant Director of Student Activities Laura Parrillo said there are more than 600 students involved with organized Greek life on Northeastern campus.

“The men and the women do things very differently. The guys do things more on their own, off campus,” Parrillo said. “But all the events they have for recruitment are approved by both myself and Interfraternity Council (IFC).”

Kappa Sigma fraternity has a busy schedule lined up for the week ahead, with a Red Sox game planned for tonight at Our House, a poker game tomorrow and a comedy show scheduled for Friday, starring Bob Saget and Sarah Silverman. Each event meets outside Speare Hall at 6 p.m.

“The rush is really strong this year,” said Rob Ranley, president of Kappa Sigma. “A lot of the guys we have been in touch with seemed to be getting more involved than the last couple of classes we have seen.”

Randley said for fraternities, the week is all about making early contact with potential members.

“The recruitment process comes down to who you meet. When you’re with the brothers its about who you connect with,” he said. “The first week is the best oppurtunity to meet the brothers and find out who they like and it’s kind of like a committee. We offer some an invitation and get them to make a pledge.”

After that, students who pledge have 60 days when they have the chance to learn everything about the fraternity, including its history and secret rituals.

The recruitment process and all other events for the Panhellenic Council take place in the student center. On Monday and Tuesday, girls spent 20 minutes at a time with each of the five different sororities. Tonight, they will attend three of these parties for periods of 45 minutes. Thursday, girls will attend two one-hour parties with the sororities of their choice.

“The women have a lot of rules they need to follow, that’s why it’s all done in this building. We have a team of women that oversee the entire process,” Parrillo said. “It’s more of a selective process, but it’s mutual. The recruit has to like the chapter and the chapter has to like the recruit as well. It all depends upon the turnout.”

For sororities, recruitment is more of a process then a simple invitation. After the two initial meetings with every different sorority, potential members rank their top choices. Then the sororities compare these rankings in what is called a “mutual selection process.”

“There are a few girls that aren’t placed. Last year there was five,” said Rebecca Saunders, the president of recruitment for the Panhellenic Council. “Every chapter makes a list of girls that are considered and girls that are not.”

Every chapter is allowed to take 16 girls and other girls can then be later extended invitations as well.

Although she is excited for what lies ahead, Hoefer said she is prepared for whatever is to come.

“If I don’t get in, I’m not going to go home and cry about it,” she said.

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