Husky Happenings

SGA set to unveil new school spirit campaign, shirt In its second meeting of the semester, Student Government Association (SGA) President Rogan O’Handley introduced a new way to increase school spirit around campus: the “Diehard Dog” t-shirt. The shirt, which is set to be unveiled next week, is going to be the ultimate fan shirt for Northeastern students, O’Handley said. Describing the shirt as “flashy,” O’Handley called it “a golden idea.” The idea is modeled on the Boston College “Super Fan” shirt, which is a staple at all BC athletic events. The shirts will be available Oct. 24 for Homecoming Week, with 1,500 printed and free for students. Executive Vice President for Student Affairs Adriana Campos also introduced an incentive program to increase the number of students who attend athletic games. While the program is not yet finalized, Campos said it will award students points every time they swipe Husky Cards to enter a home game. After students earn a specific number of points they will be entered in a raffle to win prizes such as a beverage holder in the shape of a T-shirt, Northeastern jerseys and sweatshirts. A grand prize, which has yet to be determined, will also be included, Campos said. At the meeting, the Senate also unanimously passed an internal resolution to remove “Consciusa” from the association’s seal, which is not an actual Latin word and has no meaning. SGA voted to replace it with the word “Equitas,” meaning “justice.”

– Jessica Torrez-Riley, News Staff

Faculty Senate discusses new bar, technology services Provost Ahmed Abdelal had exciting news for the Faculty Senate at its first meeting last week: There will be a bar in the new Faculty Club, located in Columbus Place. “Anytime you want to bring an alum or a colleague, then you have a great facility to go to,” Abdelal said. Criminal justice professor James Alan Fox also introduced legislation suggesting faculty have more input in the planning, placement and purchase of new classroom technology. The legislation would mandate that at least three faculty members serve on the University Classroom Advisory Committee (UCAC), which advised Information Services when it created the “classroom technology standard.” All Northeastern classrooms must comply with the standard, although not all do yet. Currently one faculty member, history professor Gerry Herman, sits on the committee. The classroom technology standard has two standards, the first requiring all classrooms be connected to the system and the second requiring each classroom to have a computer. The first requirement has been implemented. Leslie Hitch, director of Academic Technology Services at Information Services, told the Faculty Senate that implementing the second level of the standard will be difficult, because each class demands different technology and some professors prefer Mac OS while others want Microsoft Windows. Biology professor Phyllis Strauss introduced legislation that would get information to the Fiscal Advisory Committee about revenues and expenditures from all operations that affect Northeastern’s budget and about financial concerns relating to buildings and renovations. It also proposes that “faculty be involved in an advisory capacity with respect to major building and renovations plans.” No voting on either issue took place.

– Jordan Novet, News Staff

Behrakis donates $10 million to Museum of Fine Arts The Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) announced last week that Northeastern alumnus George Behrakis donated a gift of more than $10 million to the museum. Behrakis, who sits on the university’s board of trustees, has given at least $25 million to the MFA over the last five years, according to local media reports. The museum is planning to name its Art of the Ancient World wing in honor of Behrakis for the donation. Behrakis, who graduated in 1957, has given $8 million to the university in the past. In turn, Northeastern named the seven-story Behrakis Health Sciences Center after him. The center opened in 2003 as the home of the Bouv

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