Letter to the Editor: Students’ worries misplaced on Facebook

As a student who regularly checks her Facebook account, I understand the frustrations with the new “feed” on the website. However, as a member of the world around me, I cannot seem to grasp the fact that an unprecedented 742,226 members of the national college student body have joined together to protest this catastrophe. Why has it taken the Facebook, a facilitator of a new Internet reality, to rally the people of our generation for a cause? Why can’t our focus be on global reality, such as the HIV epidemic in Africa, the new controls on the U.S. border with Mexico or for a stance on the war in Iraq?

I feel we have truly missed the mark here, and it disappoints me that this article describing the revolution on the Facebook was even published in our school newspaper, let alone on the front page. If this school wants to be treated like a top-100 university, it must step up the way our students think. Being worldly doesn’t always mean wearing a Louis Vuitton bag; it can mean examining real-world situations and trying to make a difference. We must take our valuable energy and funnel it toward positive, meaningful and much-needed goals rather than bitching about the new Facebook.

– Meghan Adamson is a junior political science major.

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