Medicated Kisses Rocks AfterHOURS

By Cait Dooley

New England rockers Medicated Kisses, Lannen Fall and The Midnight Renewal kicked off MEISA Live at afterHOURS on Wednesday, pulling in an audience of 215 students and friends.

“They bring the thunder,” said Nani Stoick, MEISA vice president and sophmore music industry major, of Wednesday’s lineup.

The Music and Entertainment Industry Student Association (MEISA) hosts two live shows a month on Wednesdays at afterHOURS, said MEISA president and afterHOURS event manager Jessie Goldbas.

The show was a return home in one form or another for all three bands. Two of Lannen Fall’s members, Jay Tagg and Matt Wishnack, are former Northeastern students. Lannen Fall is a Boston-based rock quintet formed in May 2005. They currently have a three-song demo out, and a full-length EP is due out in late fall.

For Rhode Island natives The Midnight Renewal, the show was the first back in New England after a six-week tour across the U.S. The band also released “The North Main EP” in July 2006 from Glass Army Records.

Boston-based Medicated Kisses is currently recording in New York with Michael Birnbaum and Chris Bittner of Applehead Studios, who have worked with bands like Coheed and Cambria, Codeseven and Straylight Run.

The Midnight Renewal hit the stage first and got the crowd going with powerful vocals from frontman Ryan Moran.

“The crowd was very, very good. Usually we play college shows and [the crowd] sucks,” said Chad Baurele, a guitarist in The Midnight Renewal.

Next to take the stage was Lannen Fall, who opened for The Receiving of Sirens at afterHOURS in Spring 2006.

The band closed with the crowd favorite “Woke Up Screaming,” which included an audience sing-along during the chorus.

Headliner Medicated Kisses came onto the stage full of energy and with a request for the house lights to be shut off.

Alanna V. (who, like other band members doesn’t use a last name), vocalist for Medicated Kisses, said mid-set that she knew many people had never heard of her band before, but there were also many who had.

Both Joey Sheridan, a middler business major and Nick Nunes, a middler criminal justice major, came to the show with a few friends to see Medicated Kisses.

Throughout the set, Alanna moved off the stage and serenaded the crowd.

“I’ve never had so much fun at Northeastern,” Alanna said. “Last time I was here I didn’t have fun at all. I was drinking last time.”

The performance also marked the birthday of Medicated Kisses’s guitarist, Chuck Alanna used that fact to keep the crowd cheering throughout their set.

When she noticed that the audience cheered louder for Chuck’s birthday than they cheered for anything else, she ended every comment with, “Hey, it’s Chuck’s birthday!”

Before leaving, Alanna said the atmosphere at afterHOURS made the show seem “more like a family gathering” than just a performance.

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