New sexual assault coordinator hired

New sexual assault coordinator hired

By Kerry Cardoza

The university recently filled the position of coordinator of sexual assault services.

Christine Civiletto is a very qualified candidate and only the second person to fill this controversial position, said Director of Behavior Health Dr. Robert Klein.

Klein said Civiletto has experience developing and presenting outreach programming to student audiences, making her a good fit for the job.

“Chrissy had also demonstrated a very good sense of networking within a college community and also the community around the college,” Klein said.

A graduate of Ball State University, Civiletto’s career path shows extensive experience in educational settings.

“The majority of my work has been on college campuses,” Civiletto said. “It’s definitely been my focus as far as what I’ve always wanted to do, what I set out to do with my training,”

In her most recent position as a psychologist at the University of Missouri at Columbia, Civiletto was in charge of all outreach and served as a media representative.

Civiletto said she realizes the importance of her position at Northeastern.

“Sexual assault is a huge problem across the country but in particular for individuals at college age, and that raises the importance, I think, for a student looking at this issue on college campuses,” Civiletto said.

She stressed the importance of looking at sexual assault work not just as individual counseling, but also as working with awareness and prevention issues.

“Why is sexual assault happening?” she said. “Why is this something that is happening at the rate that it is? We know that one in four women are assaulted during the college years or attempted assault, and something has to change so that’s not the case any longer

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