Students give Fung Wah a second look

By Juliana Blau

The Fung Wah bus company’s image sunk from underground bargain to a notorious operation that slipped up again this month.

On Sept. 5, a Fung Wah bus overturned in Auburn, with State Police citing the driver for driving too fast on a highway exit. The accident, which injured 34 passengers, came just 19 days after the one-year anniversary of another Fung Wah incident in which the bus burst into flames.

The Fung Wah bus, which costs just $15 for a one-way ticket, has been a cheap alternative for Northeastern and other Boston-area students wanting to visit New York City and beyond. With a significant number of students from the New York area on campus, the most recent incident has some potential riders questioning safety.

“If Fung Wah puts in new safety measures, I’ll take it,” said freshman pharmacy major Laura Lee, who said she has taken the buses occasionally for the past two years. “With the increased scrutiny, I’m sure Fung Wah will improve upon their safety. It’s usually been pretty safe.”

Others students said they prefer other, albeit more expensive alternatives.

“It’s a really long drive,” said freshman political science major Anne Drelles, a New Jersey native who opted to get to Boston by train. “Amtrak is a lot faster. There’s also a lot of room.”

Aside from Amtrak ($73 and up for a one-way ticket), Greyhound buses ($30, non-refundable) and Peter Pan buses ($30) are also available.

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