Yoga enhances sex, spirituality

By Yuliya Sysevich

What should one do when they are about to hit their sexual finish line and their partner still needs some time to get there? The answer may lie in the ancient practice of yoga.

In “Tantra: Discovering the Power of Pre-Orgasmic Sex”, author Yogani explains how the practice of yoga could lengthen the time and intensity of an orgasm, and help achieve heightened spirituality.

According to Yogani, sex should be a game, not a race. The longer you take to focus on having sex rather than reaching orgasm, the better your orgasm will be. You will likely feel more connected to your partner if you remain spiritual and mindful during sex.

One must remember the power of intention during intercourse, Yogani said. Before engaging in any sexual contact, partners should both have Tantra, or spiritual sex, on the mind, according to Yogani.

“Couples must be mindful that sex is a union between two people who should be mindful of one another in bed,” Yogani said.

Yogani states in the book that with Tantra on the mind, partners should be adle to reach both orgasm and an ultimate state of mindful spirituality, both of which should be original intentions of sex.

“Mindful spirituality is not something learned, but rather discovered. It is something we all have inside of us, yoga just helps bring it out,” Yogani said.

Yogani suggests a technique called “The Holdback Technique” to strengthen orgasm; this method is done by the man. This technique involves taking a break during sex and holding back.

According to Yogani, holding back is especially important right when the man feels he is about to have an orgasm. Prolonging this time not only makes it more pleasurable for the woman but also can prolong the orgasm for both parties.

Many look at taking a break during sex to mean the end of an upcoming orgasm, but instead it should be viewed as the beginning of a journey toward ultimate pleasure, said Yogani.

Yogani cautions that this method does not always work; therefore one should not worry if the guy cannot hold back, and just try the method again at a later time.

According to Yogani, one of the most important things to keep in mind during sex is to clear your mind and focus only on your partner and own body.

It is likely that many thoughts go through one’s mind when engaging in intercourse, Yogani said. Such thoughts may include, wondering how compatible you and your partner are, whether you two have good sex, or how your lovemaking will progress. All of these things can be put off until later, Yogani said.

Yogani suggests that a great way to focus on the current moment is to take time to breathe in a pattern. Focusing on your breathing is a skill that takes time and practice; therefore forgetting to use a breathing technique when first trying this method is common.

“Do not get frustrated if you are not good at being spiritual in bed. Time helps everyone,” Yogani said.

To aid in breathing techniques, Yogani suggests focusing on your spine, thinking of each breath as a breeze moving over your back, and up your spine with each exhalation.

According to Yogani, one’s time in bed with another person should be dedicated to focusing on what feels good for the both of you. Learning to relax during arousal and paying attention to your partner’s signals are essential to reaching an ultimate state of mindful spirituality, she writes.

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